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Shimano Bottom Ship Jigs are the latest innovation for slow jigging coming out of Japan. Like the popular Shimano Lucanus lures, these will be a great addition to your tackle box. Dedicated to the fish that feed on the bottom at shipwrecks etc, the Bottom Ship is a specialist jig designed to target big bottom fish.

These latest jigs are going to take the bluewater experience to a whole new level. Available in 90, 110 and 135 gram sizes, so covering fishing opportunities from the shallows to well offshore, they come in five colours including metallic and lumo stripes, with matching squid skirts. The amazing thing about Bottom Ship Jigs is their versatility. Fish them with a slow retrieve for a meandering movement through the water, work them with a slow jerk so they virtually jump about on the spot, or hop them up and down across the bottom. With their strong colours and flailing skirts, neither demersals or deep cruising pelagics are going to be able to resist. Rigged on 250 pound Power Play braid, the fluorine-coated assist hooks from a boutique Japanese Domestic Market manufacturer are highly corrosion resistant, and with fine points and small barbs, their penetration is just amazing.

These Jigs are rigged on 250lb Power Pro assist chord with new corrosion resistant fluorine-coated hooks vibrant and enticing squid skirts and are available in a stunning new range of colour profiles that match natural food items. Shimano Bottom Ship II Jigs can be fished with a slow and steady retrieve for meandering movement through the water column that will attract the attentions of predatory species looking for an easy meal a slow jerk technique to spark prey-drive in lethargic predators during a slow bite period or hopped up and down across the bottom when your targets are feeding with their noses in the sand. They are available in 90 110 135 and 160 grams and in five cool colours: Glow Glow Zebra Red Gold Blue Sardine and Pink Sardine.



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