Big Game 130 lb Fishing Reels – Penn VSX

Penn International Reels - VSX 130 Reels - Big Game 130 lb Fishing Reels
Big Game 130 lb Fishing Reels – Penn International Reels – VSX 130 Two Speed Reels

When your target species includes thousand-pound blue and black marlin and giant bluefin tuna, reach for the heaviest tackle available. Penn makes the International VSX big game 130 lb fishing reels to achieve the extreme drag ranges expected by anglers fishing with super-braids. Super-braids are not monofilament line. Braided line is much smaller in diameter than traditional line, but much stronger.

For the majority of billfish species worldwide, anything up to and including 50-pound-test gear is appropriate. But that changes when the targeted species include granders or giant bluefin tuna that top the 1,000 pound mark. Then it’s time to step up to the heavy tackle. Here’s a preview of the best and biggest in terms of line capacity, drag settings and more from Penn.

Penn Reels are interwoven into the fabric of sport-fishing. Few of us remember a time before Penn reels. Since 1933, Penn makes fishing reels in their Philadelphia based locations. During those 80+ years, the crew at Penn constantly innovates and evolves with the sport itself.


Penn has a longstanding tradition of quality, innovation and experience. With that tradition in mind, Penn introduces the Penn International VSX 2 Speed. It is a modernized version of the classic Penn reels with the latest innovations built in. These include the fully machined aluminum frame and side plates. Still made in the Philadelphia facility, the International VSX 2-Speed reel comes in the full range of sizes from 12 to 130 class reels.  The new versions also come in silver which makes a really sharp looking reel. But of course, you can still get the classic gold finish too.

Penn International 130 VSX reels achieve the extreme drag ranges expected by anglers fishing with super-braids. Other products advertise their high-potential drag settings but fail to mention the downside. These drag settings result in drag curves that are anything but angler friendly.

They have a high potential to pop lines, and pull hooks. The result is lost fish. But the Penn VSX models achieve these extreme drag settings while maintaining an appropriate and smooth drag curve. The smooth drag curve persists throughout the entire range of the drag-lever. Simply put, this is Penn Engineering at its finest.

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